David Ogden Stiers

David Ogden Stiers

The Newport Symphony mourns the passing, David Ogden Stiers, who died March 3. David was a guiding light for the NSO since its founding as well as serving as its resident conductor.

Music Director Adam Flatt: "All of us at the NSO are heartbroken. David Ogden Stiers was a generous, loving, and inspirational friend and pillar to our orchestra, and, indeed, to all of us individually. Our orchestra would not be here if it weren't for his great support and inspiration over three decades. His depth of musical feeling, love for our musicians, and charisma made his performances soar when he was on our podium. We will all work to keep David's spirit alive in all of our performances."

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NSO Board and Staff

NSO Board Members

  • Joseph Swafford, NSO President – Retired business owner

  • Pat Lewis, NSO Vice President – Retired researcher and health educator

  • Melody Lavrakas, NSO Secretary, NYSOC Coordinator – Small business office management

  • Michael Meagher, NSO Treasurer – Retired accountant

  • John Lavrakas, NSO Executive Director – President, Advanced Research Corporation

  • Ken Combs – Musician, retired university administrator

  • Brian Hanna – Architect

  • Loria Holden – Health & Safety Manager, Georgia-Pacific

  • Jim Myers – Retired television promotion & marketing director

  • Betty Richard – Retired, Educator

  • Mike Rickus – Retired accountant and auditor

  • Adrienne Welsh – NSO Musician – Musicians’ Representative to the Board


Associate Board Members

  • Paul Brookhyser – Retired

  • Richard Cutler – Business owner, Flying Dutchman Winery

  • Frank Geltner – Small business owner, former director Oregon Coast Council for the Arts

  • Thomas Hurst – Scientist at Hatfield Marine Science Center

  • Mark McConnell – Retired school teacher, former mayor of Newport

  • Cindy McEntee – Business owner – Mo’s Enterprises

  • Fran Mathews – Business owner – Marine Discovery Tours

  • Nancy Steinberg – Science writer, communications contractor

  • Don Taylor, Pastor – First Presbyterian Church


Honorary Board Members

  • John Baker – Consultant

  • Katherine Heater – Small Business Owner

  • Mary Lee Scoville – Conductor, Central Coast Chorale, Music Teacher

  • Jess Smith – Musician


Staff Management

  • John Lavrakas – Executive Director

  • Megan Miller-Morgan – Office Manager/Bookkeeper

  • Dianne Trask – Housing Coordinator

  • Kris Klavik – Personnel Manager

  • Shauna Keyes – Personnel Manager (strings)

  • Melissa MacDonald – Advertising Underwriting